06.08.2012 Trelleborgs FF – Östers IF Växjö

06.08.2012, 19:20 Uhr
Trelleborgs FF – Östers IF Växjö
Trelleborg, Vångavallen
Superettan (2. Liga Schweden) – 2.068 Zs. – 2:3

2 thoughts on “06.08.2012 Trelleborgs FF – Östers IF Växjö

  1. Really nice pictures, but you will not believe me, I have a similar! I was on this game and now when I see your pictures I regret that I did not recognize fellow groundhopper on the stands…What a pity that we not had a chance to drink beer together. Regards.

  2. Hi. Maybe next time, maybe in Serbia then. A wonderful place, I haven’t been there for five years or so. Bastian

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